Infant & Toddler Full Day Programs (0-3 years)

Infant & Toddler Full Day Programs (0-3 years)

Parents of infants and toddlers often have conflicting emotions of apprehension and excitement.  After all, it is a new chapter in your life as well as your child’s.  Be assured that our specialized infant and toddler teachers are there to guide you through these first few months.

Start with one or two gradual entry visits before your start date and ensure that you are registered with our web camera monitoring system.  To ensure your child's physical and emotional needs are met, this program operates with a ratio of 4 children per teacher  and  sometimes  an occasional extra teacher will help during the busier times of the day. Most of all –  we encourage you to form relationships with your child’s teachers as they will be the best source of support and encouragement. Remember they have one extra year of specialized training for this delightful age group.

A Typical Day

These activities generally take place during the day, but we stay flexible in our daily routine so that the physical needs of napping, eating and diapering can be accommodated

  • Nourishment (snacks, breakfast, lunch)
  • Open Free Choice ( Art/Sensory Activities/ Table Activities/dramatic play, blocks, floor play, books, music, gross motor)
  • Circle Time (Stories, Music & Movement)
  • Diaper Change/potty training
  • Active Play (Indoor or Outdoors)
  • Naps (as needed)