Terms of Service

Terms of Service


These terms of service, also referred to as Code of Conduct,  will provide guidelines to promote desirable and appropriate behaviour to ensure that all interactions between adults is respectful, honest, courteous, sensitive, tactful and considerate.

Effective Dates:

The Code of Conduct shall be in place from the time that a child has been officially registered with a completed registration form and deposit to the last day of attendance.


Inappropriate behaviour or harassment of any kind by a parent towards a child, (another) parent/guardian, or teacher will result in immediate intervention which could include,  but is not limited to expulsion from BSCA and/or police involvement.  

Effective Period:

All parents are required to adhere to this Code of Conduct for the entire duration of the enrollment period. BSCA reserves the right to withdraw or deny services if BSCA believes that the particular needs/demands or requirements of your child & family cannot be appropriately met in a mutually agreeable manner.

Inappropriate behavior or harrassment:

This type of behaviour includes but is not limited to:

*harassment or intimidation by written note, email, words, gestures and/or body language. Written notes can include (and is not limited to) social media comments, blogs and parent forums.

•Extreme physical acts against other children and/or Staff (hitting, biting, or any other form of physical threat or assault).

•Non-compliance of Staff direction

•Verbal attacks on other children and/or Staff, which include the use of threats, name-calling, as well as repeated profane or degrading language. Individuals engaging in such behaviour will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

•Racial or other discriminatory incidents.

•Theft of personal or centre property.

•The breach of any confidentiality and/or privacy policies. Public electronic mediums are not to be used to discuss sensitive centre policies and/or staff/staffing matters.Gossip and public criticism which are malicious in nature are unacceptable.

•Failure to pay fees, including late fees, by the designated time.

•Failure to comply with the parental/guardian responsibilities outlined in the contract and policies of the BSCA, including reading, signing, and returning all required documents and policies within the requested time frame.

•Repeated late pick up of child.

•Presence of weapons, alcohol, marijunana and illicit drugs on BSCA property or at events.

*Inappropriate behavior of a child includes leaving the centre without permission (runs away) or leaves the care of BSCA staff while outside of the classroom,  results in an automatic one-day withdrawal from child care services.

Parental Response:

The privacy and confidentiality of our parents, guardians, teachers, volunteers, and students is important to us. Concerns and comments (regarding your child) should be addressed with the teachers, and if necessary, to the Facility Manager.   Concerns regarding the general administration of BSCA should be directed to the Facility Manager.  Public forums and slanderous/malicious social media posts are not appropriate for resolving problems. 


If an incident should occur in which the parent/guardian breaches this BSCA Parent Code of Conduct, the parent/guardian will be given written notice warning them of their inappropriate behaviour. The second infraction will result in written notice of immediate withdrawal.  BSCA reserves the right to request immediate withdrawl for parental/guardian behaviour deemed to be so serious that the health and safety of children, other parents or staff can no longer be assured.