Local Solution to Local Needs

Local Solution to Local Needs

Being local and independent means BrightStart is  not associated with any daycare franchises or big box operators.  Our philosophy, programming and curriculum have all been developed in-house by BC licensed educators. We are a local solution to local needs.

What does this mean and how does this affect you?

Our independence from franchises and big box corporations ensures that management can spend time focusing on the needs of each local campus and families.  We are not in the business of satisfying shareholders and/or franchisees.  

Our in-house curriculum, also known as emergent curriculum , is developed in response to the children’s interests.  We do not believe in a “one size fits all” lesson plan, nor do we utilize curriculum developed in the USA or Eastern Canada.  Often these types of curriculum are meaningless to children as they focus on themes or ideas that they show no interest in.

What is the benefit of emergent curriculum? The openness of the curriculum makes learning more exciting for children and teachers alike. Learning occurs naturally when a child’s interest is captured.

Would you like to know about other types of curriculum?