Serving the Whole Family

Serving the whole family with our multi-aged programming and our enrollment priority for siblings.

Families see easier transition between programs because all programs and age groups are in the same building. Changing programs does not mean your child has to say good-bye forever to a beloved teacher.  In most cases she will be across the hallway and available for a quick good-bye hug every day.  Sibling receive priority registration, so most likely all your children will be able to attend together. 

How does it work?  One BrightStart family, with two children already attending, were enlarging their family by adoption. Naturally the parents wanted all three children to attend together.  With very little advance notice of their new son’s arrival, our policy of priority registration for siblings, empowered the Manager to prioritize his enrollment.  Days were added as they became available until full-time status was achieved. The teachers’ familiarity with the family dynamics ensured a smooth transition into the facility. The family experienced continuity of care, as they are able to pick up all three boys – one toddler, one preschooler and one school aged child ­– at the same campus.