Providing Peace of Mind

Providing peace of mind with our real-time web-cam monitoring system  allows families to see that their child is happy and safe.  If your child had a difficult night and you're worried she'll be cranky at daycare, you can log in at any time and check. You are able to see your child at any time during the day, from your home, office or mobile

What does this mean for you? Our on-line webcam monitoring system is available to all parents with children enrolled at BrightStart.  There is no extra cost and every classroom and program participates. Parents can log in on their computer or phone to view their child. Can you imagine your peace of mind when you see your child happily engaged in activities, despite leaving them sad or anxious earlier that morning?

Did you know?  Our web cameras are available to other family-approved adults such as grandparents.  We have out-of-province grandparents that tell us how meaningful it is for them to connect with their grandchildren daily, even though they live so far away.

Other ways we make life easier:

1.   On-site managers do more than answer the phone and emails. Our Managers are answerable for day to day administration allowing your child’s classroom teachers to focus their time and energy on the children.  Managers are your first point of contact and they provide a listening ear for any feedback, concerns or issues.

Did you know? Each Manager has classroom experience and is licensed as a classroom teacher to provide support and direction to staff.

2.  Code-protected front door locks to ensure that only authorized individuals enter the building.

Did you know? While we were implementing a front door passcode change, one of our parents, stated, “During our search for a daycare, the restricted access to the building by unauthorized persons was a key deciding factor for us as it may have been for many other families.”