Nurturing your child's growth

Nurturing your child's growth means we create an environment for children to grow and flourish according to their own rhythm and maturation processes.  We see growth in children being similar to a tender seedling; both requiring patience and nurturing to grow into their potential.  To us, a nurturing environment means that hugs and cuddles are as much part of daily routine as our Emergent Curriculum.  

What does this mean?

Following the analogy of a seedling, when storms come to a child’s life, our teachers are there, as a “safe harbour”, with soft words and hugs.  Daily lessons provides the water and nourishment for growth.  Teachers fertilize the growth by ensuring that  all nutrients are present, including a child’s  emotional, social, educational or  physical well-being.    

Did you know?

Children who feel safe and cared for develop confidence, maturity, and knowledge to meet life's challenges and opportunities. A leading Vancouver-based developmental psychologist, Dr. Gordon Neufeld,  notes that “Children learn best when they like their teacher and they think their teacher likes them.”