Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten readiness is our goal and realized through a style of teaching called Emergent Curriculum.  It is a child-directed, teacher facilitated approach to curriculum planning. Teachers engage children by focusing on their interests and passions that day, week or month. This methodology has been shown to offer better results in developmental outcomes for children during their early years. 

It is a more personalized approach and a move away from the prescriptive curriculum and lesson plans popular years ago. Emergent Curriculum is primarily utilized with our 3-5 year old programs.

What is the benefit of emergent curriculum? The openness of the curriculum makes learning exciting for children and teachers alike. Learning occurs naturally when a child’s interest is captured.

How does it work? One cold, wintery January some curious children were noticing the large seeds in their oranges.  This discovery led to discussions about plants and seeds, ultimately resulting in little individual plantings for each child. Seeds and January is not a typical combination, however this teacher seized upon the interest and we have a perfect example of what can happen in an emergent setting.

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