Facilities that Inspire

Inspirational facilities to delight and motivate both parents and children. This translates to design features in our classrooms and playgrounds that will capture the interest of your child and please you, as the parent.

What does this mean?

Parents love our big windows and the sunlight streaming into classrooms. Going to the bathroom and achieving toileting independence is motivating for children when bathrooms are in-class.  Air conditioning and continuous ventilation systems provide all-day comfort so that children are comfortable.

Enough of toilets, windows and HVAC systems; children love our on-site playgrounds that provide multiple play opportunities!

How do the campus buildings compare with each other?

Burnaby (Bainbridge): Rainy winter days are no problem in our large 660 square-foot, climate controlled indoor gym. Bonus - huge windows!

Coquitlam (Westwood Plateau): Children love our extra big sandbox, commercial playgrounds and large trike area. Parents appreciate our large two storey window wall that lets in lots of daylight.

Port Coquitlam (Riverwood Gate): Outdoor play time is always fun on our European designed playground equipment. Floor to ceiling windows upstairs provides plenty of viewing opportunities for teachers and children alike, especially during the fall season watching the local high school football team practice. 

Surrey (Cloverdale):Non-stop play is only steps away with our sunny rooftop playgrounds.  Glass rails and peek-a-boo windows allow children to view the outside world.  Gazebos provide shade and rubber tile softens a fall.  A state of the art heat/air exchange system ensures that classrooms are comfortable year-round, even with all the windows.

P.S. Did we mention windows?