Staff Referrals

Staff Referrals

Our employees tell us . . .


I like Brightstart because they value teachers’ contributions and …all of us. P.S.

I like the good vibes I get at BrightStart and the warmth and kindness of teachers and management. S.D.

This is where I really grew as a teacher and mastered the art of friendship. J.H.

I love my co-workers and the friendly environment; …  my manager. M.J.

I (have) learnt a lot especially when it comes to teaching.  And I love all the staff. F.Y.

Seeing my co-worker(s) every day. H.C..

Every single day I feel happy going to work in this place (where) everyone is part of a

friendly team, … and seeing (the) children. M.A.

Wonderful teachers and families. E.M.

I like the kids and staff and the way the bosses treat the staff. M.W.

The friendships and the people. A.Y.

The overall atmosphere, which includes all the teachers. R.B..

The people I work with. N.R..

The support from co-workers and the hugs. V.S.

I love the children and their families H.M..

Good co-workers. K.P.

The atmosphere at the daycare is very friendly and the teachers are happy to work there. D.M.