Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


“The child must know he is a miracle, that…there will not be another child like him” – Pablo Cassals

We believe that each child is unique.  Educators take on the broader role of teacher, facilitator and nurturer, so that each child can flourish according to his or her rhythm and maturation process.

We believe that parents and teachers are partners in the nurture and education of children. Your child's growth will be nurtured so that he/she can develop the confidence, maturity, and knowledge to meet life's challenges and opportunities. Parents are always welcome, in person or by web-cam monitoring.

We believe that every child is bright and full of potential. Early childhood is a critical learning period.  The learning process is engaging for children when we introduce curriculum built on the interests of the children.

We believe play is essential to all aspects of a child's development. Play is a source of joy to children and is a natural way to maximize learning. Meaningful play establishes important foundations for the pursuit of academic excellence later in life.

 “Children learn best when they like their teacher and they think their teacher likes them.”” – Dr. Gordon Neufeld