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Evelyn Tsai
Director of Curriculum

  • Early Childhood Educator
  • B.A. Communications
  • 20+ years childcare experience as an educator, manager and ECE program coordinator
Miss Evelyn is one half of the “Two PoCo Moms”, bringing her love of children and vast ECE experience to our centre. Circle time, curriculum development, management, teaching at post secondary colleges and evaluating other daycares • she has done it all. After cheering on her daughters at their various sporting events, Evelyn loves to “relax” at home with DIY home projects.
Carol Wiens
Director of Administration

  • Early Childhood Educator Assistant
  • B. A. Communications
  • 20+ years experience in childcare, school volunteer and small business management
As the other half of the “Two Poco Moms”, Miss Carol brings her love of families to the community. She is the mother of three adult aged children and remembers fondly those “car seat and diaper days”. She values the potential and uniqueness of all children and is excited about applying her business background to the childcare environment. Carol enjoys reading and photography in her spare time and has spent countless hours creating family memory books.
Nikki Rivera
Principal/ Facility Manager - Bainbridge

  • Early Childhood Educator Assistant
  • B. A. Humanities
  • 3 years experience in child care and administration
Before Miss Nikki came to BrightStart, she worked at Gymboree Play and Music as a teacher and site manager. She also acquired administrative skills working in the corporate world but it was her time at Gymboree that sparked the fire to work with children. She believes that children aspire to be independent so with a teacher's guidance, we should foster that by giving them the chance to do things on their own. Outside of Brightstart, she keeps busy with documenting, journaling and doing crafts.
Jacqui Hombrebueno
Principal/Facility Manager - Riverwood Gate

  • Early Childhood Educator
  • 20 + years experience in customer service and 6 years as an ECE
Miss Jacqui has been with BrightStart since our opening in 2009. She is well known for her kindness, compassion and motherly love as proven by the many teary eyed children who have found comfort in her arms. This comes innate to her as she is a mother of four - three in their 20s and one school aged son. Her first love is being in the classroom, but Riverwood Gate families will see her wear two hats - as Principal/Facility Manager while she balances a teaching role in our 3-5 year old full day classroom as well. Miss Jacqui's beautiful rapport with all the families, children and staff is definitely her strength, one that will guarantee smooth sailing at this campus.
Eileen Santos
Administrative Assistant- Riverwood Gate

  • 10+ years of customer service experience
Originally from Manila, Miss Eileen moved to Canada in 2012. She was drawn to the ECE field by spending time with children of all ages, which brought out the maternal and nurturing side of her. Miss Eileen has experience working with children of all ages, from infants to school aged children. Her personal philosophy regarding children is that every child is unique and requires affection, care and respect. She is currently enrolled in the ECE Program at Pacific Rim Early Childhood Institute. With one grown son of her own, Miss Eileen also opens her home to host homestay children ages 11-17. In her spare time, she loves to swim, kayak, and read.
Mia Saulog
Principal/Facility Manager - Westwood Plateau Campus

  • Infant Toddler Educator
  • Early Childhood Educator
  • 15+ years of educator and management experience

Miss Mia first joined BrightStart in 2012 as the Principal/Facility Manager for our Riverwood Gate campus. After taking a few years off to spend time with her young children, she has returned to our Westwood Plateau campus. Truly a "people person", Mia is also strong administratively; which is why families and staff value her. As a mother and educator, Mia appreciates BrightStart's commitment to "nurture a child's growth", with a focus on their emotional growth by helping them form strong relationships with their peers and their teachers. As a qualified Infant Toddler Educator, she does like to spend time with the "little ones" upstairs. At home with her family, anything Disney is enjoyed.
Vienna Crowley
Administrative Assistant

  • Early Childhood Educator Assistant
  • B. A. Early Learning, Curriculum Instruction and Learning, Developmental Disabilities
  • 7 years of child care and customer service experience
Miss Vienna has been working part time at all three campuses as a substitute teacher and administrative assistant for several years while she was in university. Now that she has obtained her degree, Miss Vienna will be working at BrightStart full time by lending her expertise in administration. Miss Vienna loves children, meeting new families and is eager to help out in the classroom when needed. In her spare time, she plays soccer on a women’s league.
Westwood Plateau Staff - Christmas 2011
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