Illness Policy
As per our Policy and Procedures, please see our Illness/sickness policy.

Illness Policy (215k)
HealthLink BC - Common Childhood Diseases
Check this resource for additional information regarding Pinkeye, Hand,Foot & Mouth Disease, Fifth Disease, Head Lice, Stomach Flu and Hand Washing.

HealthLink BC - Common Childhood Diseases (4227k)
Guide to Handwashing and Other Hygiene Practices (for Kids)
Teaching kids to wash their hands is just one more thing for parents to remember and one more thing for kids to fight about. Do kids really need to wash their hands throughout the day? Isn’t once before dinner enough? See this guideline sourced by one of our parents for helpful easy to understand facts and suggestions.
Vaping and Parenting Guide - Does A Family Member use an E-Cig? If you are a parent who vapes, this guide has a lot of valuable info, some interesting facts, and handy tips for you.
Making Life Easier-Bedtime
A few proven tips for making bedtimes and naptimes easier for both parents and children. See this link: