copyrightAM or PM Preschool (21/2* - 5 yrs) Daily Program
Standard 2.5 hour program available Tues & Thurs
4 hour extended program available Mon, Wed & Fri
AM PM Preschool BrightStart Academy Port CoquitlamOur early learning programs are also available to the community as a 2.5 hour preschool program or 4 hour extended day program (see below.) Children can attend our 2.5 hours program two days per week (Tuesday and Thursday) in the mornings or afternoon and extra days can be added with the 4 hour program described below. (Note that the 2.5 hr classes available until June 2016. Effective Sept 2016 all preschool classes will be 4 hours long.)

The daily schedule is developed with great care and thought by early childhood educators and our Director of Curriculum.This daily schedule is not "cast-in-stone"; it serves as a framework to provide a sense of consistency and security for children. It can be changed from time to time to suit the needs of a particular group of children and it also provides flexibility for special events, weather, and time of year or general interest level of the children.

2.5 hour Preschool Program (Tues & Thursday)
Riverwood Gate: AM 8:50-11:20 and PM 12:10-2:40
Westwood Plateau: AM 9:00 - 11:30 and PM 12:15-2:45
Bainbridge Preschool: AM 9:15-11:45 and PM 12:15-2:45

4 hour Preschool Program (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)
Riverwood Gate: AM 8:50-12:50 pm
Westwood Plateau: AM 9:00 - 1:00pm
Bainbridge Preschool: AM 9:15-1:15 pm

  • Welcome//Hang up coats/Wash hands - consistent dropoff eases transition into class and helps with possible separation anxiousness@endi!
  • Circle Time - calendar, weather, introduction to the day's activities/Story/Music/Phonics/curriculum/Early French - Develops self-esteem & personal awareness, comfort & a good start to the day. Early learning and exposure to new ideas & routines
  • Smaller Group Break-out with teacher led activities- (Bingo, Phonics, Work Books)- smaller groups provide different dynamics to the age appropriate learning
  • Art Exploration/Phonics Workbooks/ Free choice including manipulatives, puzzles, dramatic play - Develops creativity, social skills, problem solving, fine motor skills, imagination
  • Clean-up time - Learning to be helpful, team work
  • Wash & snack time - Hygiene, Develops socialization skills, manners, nutrition
  • Outdoor Education/Play (Music & Movement during inclement weather) (Outdoor time extended for 4 hr preschool) - Develops physical health and motor skills
  • Second Curriculum Circle (4 hr preschool)!- additional curriculum for additional learning opportunities
  • Wash and Lunch (4 hr preschool) - Nutrition awareness and social opportunities
  • Free Choice or Story Time (4 hr preschool)
    Getting ready for parent pick-up, good bye song & individual good-bye - Reinforces self-esteem & personal awareness; encourages orderliness & patience

  • Note that AM,PM and Extended Day preschool are not available during Spring, Christmas and Summer Breaks as well as professional days or school closures taken by public schools.

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