copyrightMonthly Fee Schedule
(Effective October 2017)

Infant &Toddler Program

5 days per week:  $1315/month
4 days per week: $1145/month
3 days per week:  $870/month
2 days per week:  $605/month
1 day per week:   $345/month
Drop in:    $85 per day

3 - 5 year old Full Day Program

5 days per week:  $890/month
4 days per week: $770/month
3 days per week:  $605/month
2 days per week:  $430/month
1 day per week:   $265/month
Drop in:  $65 per day

Junior Kindergarten Program (5.5 hours) (2 1/2 - 5 yrs) 9am - 2:30 pm
Currently only available at our Westwood Plateau Campus

5 days per week:  $695/month
4 days per week: $615/month
3 days per week:  $470/month
2 days per week:  $350/month
1 day per week:   $225/month
Drop in:  $55 per day

Preschool (4 hours) (2 1/2- 5 yrs)
9:00 • 1:00 pm (Riverwood & Westwood Plateau) 9:15-1:15 (Bainbridge)

5 days per week: $560/month
4 days per week: $450/month
3 days per week: $355/month
2 days per week: $250/month
1 day per week: 125/month
Drop in: $45 per class

Out of School Care Program ( K • 12 years)
(incl. pickup & drop off to school)

5 days per week:  $505/month
4 days per week: $440/month
3 days per week:  $350/month
2 days per week:  $260/month
1 days per week:  $170/month
Drop in:  $45 per day
No extra charges for Pro-D days or Christmas break.
Daily user surcharge fee of $35/day for any days longer than usual school days. (ie Spring break)

Summer School Age Program (Grade 1-5)
5 days per week: $725/month
4 days per week: $625/month
3 days per week: $485/month
2 days per week: $350/month
1 days per week: $215/month
Drop in: $65 per day
Field trips not included in fees.
* Out of School Care available for:
1. Blakeburn Elementary (Riverwood Gate, Pt. Coq.)
2. Panorama Heights Elementary (Westwood Plateau, Coq.)
3. Sperling Elementary (Bainbridge, Burnaby)
Hours as per public school schedule and subject to change.
To Register:
Your registration is assured when:
  • Your registration form (available here) is completed, signed and submitted. Once received, we will assign your child a spot or, if we are at capacity, put his name on our waiting list.
  • When we are able to assign your child a spot in a program, we will forward a parent contract that must be completed, signed & submitted.
  • Along with the completed parent contract, send payment for the non-refundable registration fee as well as the deposit (equal to one month of fees). (The deposit will be cashed & held in account with us to be used against your last month's fees. It is refundable with one complete month notice (mid-month notices not accepted).
    Exception to this is the school aged program. (see FAQ here for more info)
  • Prior to starting, we require a cheque for your first month of attendance as well as post-dated cheques for the balance of the calendar year. Preschool cheques are from September to May. Ensure that school aged care over the summer reflects the summer fees.
  • Children enrolled for the summer months will have priority for September registration. Days enrolled over July and August determine your September enrollment. This applies to all programs including school aged programs. There will be no refunds or credit for statutory holidays, illness or vacation time for your child. Fees are based on booked days rather than attendance.
  • If you are on subsidy, you are responsible for valid childcare subsidy authorization documentation.